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This document guides you through how to configure various senors for the Senor Hub.

Temperature Sensor

The Senor Hub support the DS18B20 digital temperature sensors. You can find this sensor in several configurations. The most common a waterproof configuration.

Connect Temperature Sensor

The temperature sensor has three wires: Sensor Data (S), Ground (GND), Power (VCC). Typically the power is red, and the ground is black. The sensor color varies. Verify the colors with the sensor documentation. You need to connect all three to the sensor hub.

To connect the wires press the wire into the bottom hole below the label. You can connect the ground and power to any of the GND and VCC ports on the sensor hub. Select your sensor port and sensor wire. All sensor ports support the temperature sensor.

Temperature Connections

Temperature Sensor Configuration

Login in to the Web App,

Navigate to the device page and locate the sensor. Click on the edit icon.

Click edit icon

Update the sensor name. Set the sensor mode to Temperature Sensor. Then click Update Device.

Set sensor mode to temp

It can take several minutes for the temperature to be updated. Once it updates, the sensor overview shows the current temperature.

Temperature widget

Temperature Sensor Chart

The temperature charts can be used to view the past temperature changes. The graphs support five types:

To view the temperature chart, click on the chart icon.

Click temp chart icon

The chart displays the hourly average for the current day by default. Changing the date and type updates the chart. Click or hover over the points to view the details.

Temp chart

Temperature Sensor Actions

The temperature sensor can be used to trigger actions based on temperature change.

To view and add the temperature actions, click on the action icon.

Click temp actions icon

To add a new action, click Add action

Add action

There is only a single option for the trigger type. Click on temperature change.

Action on temp change

Once you select the action to perform, you can configure the trigger. The temperature change trigger support five configurations:

Action on temp change config

Current/Power Sensor

Light Sensor

Contact (Open/Close) Sensor

Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Leak Sensor

Flow Sensor - Ultrasonic

The TUF-2000M-TS-2 Ultrasonic can be configured to work as a pulse flow meter with the Sensor Hub.

Connecting the TUF-2000M-TS-2